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Started in May 1989, as a department of Certeza to service the digitations and GIS applications development needs of PASCO's CM/GIS projects. A Japanese (PASCO Corporation) and Filipino (Certeza Surveying and Aerophoto Systems, Inc.) joint-venture company. (PASCO-Certeza Computer Mapping Corporation) An organization that is mainly export-oriented and recognizes the needs of domestic enterprises for its services. A company that will continuously assist the Philippines at its utmost best in developing the Age of Information to its soil. On July 1, 2008, PASCO-Certerza Computer Mapping Corporation changed its name to PASCO Philippines Corporation.

To date, PASCO Philippines Corporation has been operating for 23 years in the Philippines with its core business in Information Technology. PASCO Philippines has different Subsidiaries in Asia; PASCO-Thailand, PASCO-China, PASCO-Finland, PASCO-India, PASCO-Indonesia.

Ever since its inception on Philippine Labor Day 1989, PASCO Philippines has been developing Intelligent Geographic Information Solutions (IGIS) by utilizing the synergy of four co-equal and interdependent resources:

Corporate Principle
  • To contribute to the society through Information Services. PASCO Philippines, through information services, aims to attain growth for the company together with its clients, employees as well as its stockholders, and also to be an enterprise recognized throughout the worlds.

Basic Principles
  • To maximize and enhance individual's creativity and teamwork and create a corporate culture based on mutual trust and responsibility between labor and management.
  • To work hard on research and development, be not afraid of changes, demonstrate challenging spirit, and provide appealing services.
  • To always bear in mind the idea of quick response, provide high quality services to clients, and provide reliability.
  • To return profits to stockholders and employees and to invest in development.
  • To provide trainings to nurture the skills of each employee.

Internal Organization

     5S COMMITTEE, KIRIN LMC, and EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM these Internal Groups operated and was established by PASCO Philippines employees from different ranks. These groups are created to serve and guide employees to build a partnership that will together bring the business at its peak.

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