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Internal Organization
5S Committee

The principle of 5S is anchored upon the formation of 5 basic virtues essential in achieving a well organized and balance workplace. せいりつ, せいとん, せいそ, せいけつ, しつけ ( Seiritsu, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. )

    - Seiritsu stands for arranging
    - Seiton signifies orderliness
    - Seiso means clean, to tidy up
    - Seiketsu is the maintenance of the first 3S and can be construed as standardization
    - Shitsuke literally means "home discipline", or "upbringing".

Discipline is of prime importance in the success and stability of any company or establishment. The committee aims to provide the employees with standard policies and regulations in the proper conduct of workplace 5S.