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HuReLinks is a Human Resource Management System designed to provide efficient and accurate management of employee and payroll records. Developed with flexibility and consistency in mind, HuReLinks can be customized to adhere to company policies without compromising performance. Hence, you are assured that HuReLinks delivers the most accurate and correct information in every way. HuReLinks integrates four (4) main modules in its system: the Daily Time Record (DTR) System, the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS), the Payroll System (PS), and the web-based Manhour Monitoring System. These modules ensure ease from employee logins, activity monitoring, and employee information management, to payroll processing and distribution. All four modules are connected to a centralized database, ensuring consistency and accuracy for every single employee information. Reports creation is also easy with HuReLinks, with the help of the one of the world's leading reporting software, Crystal Reports. HuReLinks provides accurate and reliable reports including, but not limited to: Health premiums, Taxes, Performance, and Payroll Modules.

HuReLinks uses four (4) main modules:

Daily Time Record System (DTR) - the system's module responsible for collecting the time logs of the employee everytime he reports for work. DTR automatically computes the overtime, undertime, and tardiness incurred by the employee, with the latter displayed graphically by month for the employee's perusal. The DTR also displays the last fifteen (15) entries collected by the employee for reference, and acts as a supplementary to the monthly tardy report for further information.

Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) - responsible for employee information management. This covers all related aspects of Human Resource beginning from application stage to retirement. It records basic demographics of every personnel, skills and development, compensation planning records, placement, evaluation, and other related activities.

Payroll System (PS) - responsible for the creation and management of the employee's compensation every pay period. Taxes, deductions and other monetary benefits are computed as well as the basic salary. A Pay Period report is generated as well, showing the accumulated leaves and hours of the employee.

Manhour Monitoring System (Manhour Web) - a web-based application that enables an organization to monitor all the activities of every employee by allowing them to log all their activities. This helps the management assess the performance and status of their employees and their projects. Being web-based, maintenance is easier and deployment can be done with ease. It also allows employees to log anywhere for as long as a computer and network is available.


Other Features:

Branch office support. HuReLinks can also be implemented for companies with branch offices, but with limited modules. Only the DTR and Manhour Web modules can be accessed by the branch offices. For payroll generation, attendance information collected by the DTR module is exported to the main branch. Branch offices save the attendance and manhour information in a separate database, and follows an exportation schedule, which is fully customizable.

Adding and management of work schedules.

Security and user access rights.

Customization. An option to customize the entire system is available for companies with additional requirements.

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